Cost & Activity Monitoring - the new ZEUS® X module

The new Cost & Activity Monitoring feature within the ZEUS® X Plant Data Collection module

The new Cost & Activity Monitoring feature within the ZEUS® X Plant Data Collection module


In today’s world, recording of attendance times is no longer the predominant task of an intelligent Workforce Management solution. Apart from T&A, recording, analysis and evaluation of productive times spent on projects, orders, operations or on different cost centres is gaining more and more importance.  

With ZEUS® X, three modules are available to cater for such requirements, from simple one level cost centering up to comprehensive multi-level Plant Data Collection with flexible import and export interfaces to ERP/ MES systems. On the hardware side, the ZEUS® PDC solutions are complemented with the IT 8200 terminal and the new “industrial PC” type IT 8260 terminal. Provided with a barcode hand scanner configured to the customer’s needs, the IT8200 and IT8260 terminals make data collection really easy and “fool-proof”.  Alternatively, software terminals and mobile apps are also available for PDC. 

As a new module within the ZEUS® X Plant Data Collection suite, the “Cost & Activity Monitoring” module has now been launched. This module allows a multi-level data capture including status management (planned, in progress, completed, etc.) with the option to allocate parameters such as cost centre or cost unit for each booking. It is also possible to allocate a pay rate by hour for each project, order, operation etc., allowing detailed cost analysis and invoicing based on effective hours spent.

Thanks to the sophisticated ZEUS® PDC modules resulting from more than 25 years of experience in Job Costing and Shop Floor Data Collection, customers can discover the most productive and non-productive times of their staff, and feed their business software to enhance their production and project monitoring.