Making Gluten Free Living easy

High level of quality requirements at Dr. Schar

High level of quality requirements at Dr. Schar


Dr. Schar products are currently being offered in 80 countries and help people with intolerance to gluten to gain a better quality of life. Gluten can be found in almost all varieties of cereal. Therefore celiac sufferers are limited in their choice of tolerable foods. Thanks to Dr. Schar products people affected by glutens can enjoy an extensive range of over 150 different products which are manufactured at production sites situated at Dr. Schar, e.g. in Lyndhurst and Swedesboro, New Jersey.

In order to fulfil the high level of quality requirements plus global standards for food safety BRC and OHSAS, it is essential to have a controlled raw material chain,

clinically pure production plants and smooth production processes. One of the key factors here is optimum Staff Planning and efficient payroll calculation.

When Dr. Schar decided to go ahead and acquire a new and central Time & Attendance system, the management quickly agreed that the qualities and strengths of the ZEUS® solution could be assessed best by trialling it over a period of time.

Read more about the trial period, successful installations and how Dr. Schar benefits from the ISGUS solution worldwide in our Dr. Schar Case Study.