New ZEUS® mobile Evacuation Report in Fire Roll Call App

Evacuation report with real-time data

Evacuation report with real-time data


The ISGUS Roll Call App is an extension of the proven ZEUS® X mobile App for mobile clocking and employee-self-service.  With the Roll Call App, management in charge can easily view from their mobile phones who was present in the building at the moment of the fire alarm sounding, and check off employees turning up at their assembly point.

Various filters and search functions allow a quick and colour-coded overview of employees being

  • open = not yet seen at the assembly point 
  • secure = arrived at the assembly point and ticked off
  • punched out = absent at the moment of the fire

With the new feature it is now possible to enable the "Auto refresh" checkbox which has been added to the "Evacuation report" online module in order to allow for automatic update of the Roll Call App. With the improved functionality the evacuation report now shows each employees’ evacuation status in real-time.