Integrated Access Control for your Security

ZEUS® X keyless

ZEUS® X keyless


The ISGUS brand stands for expertise in Time & Attendance and the integrated solutions that enhance it, such as Staff Planning, Job Costing, Plant Data Collection or, most importantly, fully integrated security solutions for On-line and Off-line Access Control.

The list of customers using large scale integrated Access Control solutions from ISGUS is long, with often several hundred doors being controlled by ISGUS IT 4100/4200 series access readers, or ZEUS® keyless electronic locks, all fully integrated into ZEUS®.  

The combination of classic Access Control with digital locking systems enables remote doors to be secured which cannot be directly linked to ZEUS® Access Control by architectural means. Using digital locking devices, conventional locks can be modernised step by step and integrated into the ZEUS® Access environment.

Via radio transmission, ISGUS electronic locks can also communicate On-line with ZEUS® Access Control via wireless ZEUS® keyless Access points. This allows instant changes of access authorisations e.g. in case of lost cards or arrival of new team members, or the trigger of alarms in case of non-authorized access attempts.   

All access profiles for on-line terminals and electronic locks are defined in the ZEUS® Security Lock Plan. By means of the „Access on Card“ function, individual access profiles are loaded onto the employees‘ cards with the first IN booking of the day, using an IT 8200 terminal, or a profile registration terminal IT 4211.

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