ZEUS® X Staff Planning

Staff Planning: significant for your performance

Staff Planning: significant for your performance


Regardless of your industry, employees are your most important asset. Staff Planning determines service quality, machine running times, on-time delivery and customer-orientated opening times.

Staff Planning is optimal if capacity and qualifications of the mandatory personnel fulfil the requirement, i.e. ideally no costs involved for “idle” times and for covering peak loads caused by overtime, temporary work, etc.

In industry, retail, catering, logistics, etc. not only work-related shift planning is required, but it is also about planning employees for specific jobs and activities. This is exactly where ZEUS® X Staff Planning helps with the Daily Activity Planning and a clear visualisation in the "Planning Board".

Currently during demand planning, the user can select intervals and therefore determine exactly when and where there is a need for personnel. Accordingly, the planning then allows for different shifts, jobs and activities, to be filled by the hour or minute, by drag-and-drop and displayed in the ZEUS® interface.

The fact that entire shifts can be copied and replaced in ZEUS® X Staff Planning by means of drag-and-drop results in optimum scheduling for the planner, even during regular shift planning.

In the Planning Board, filters can be used to filter shifts, workplaces, people and activities in order to provide information in a need-based detailing. The flexible use of employees must be followed by Time & Attendance. The seamless combination of Staff Planning and Time & Attendance with ZEUS® solves this problem.