New Fire Roll Call App for ZEUS® X

The evacuation report allows a quick and colour-coded overview.

The evacuation report allows a quick and colour-coded overview.


Health & Safety is mandatory and of vital importance across all types of industry in today’s world and our customers' current expectations are for a Fire Roll Call function built into their Time & Attendance solution.

To overcome the disadvantages of previously used paper-based reports such as paper jams or print-outs taking too long e.g. for larger organizations, ISGUS has now launched a Roll Call feature for ZEUS® X in the form of an App for iOS (iPhone and iPad), Android and Windows smart phones.

The ISGUS Roll Call App is an extension of the proven ZEUS® X mobile App for mobile clocking and employee-self-service.  With the Roll Call App, the fire officers in charge can easily view from their mobile phones who was present in the building at the moment of the fire alarm sounding, and tick off employees turning up at their assembly point.

Various filters and search functions allow a quick and colour-coded overview of employees being

  • open = not yet seen at the assembly point
  • secure = arrived at the assembly point and ticked off
  • punched out = absent at the moment of the fire

A notepad function completes the new ISGUS Fire Roll Call App.