SAP communication with ZEUS®

Software solution optimally tailored to SAP users

Software solution optimally tailored to SAP users


The method to connect the ISGUS Terminals via the subsystem ZEUS® to SAP is the HR-PDC interface. ZEUS® subsystems and HR-PDC provide a secure reliable platform during installation and thereafter, proven in hundreds of installations.

The same applies to the ISGUS terminals used in numerous large-scale projects. For example, the police in Baden-Württemberg has installed almost 1,000 units in approximately 600 offices, where 32,000 civil servants book their shift and shift times daily, which ZEUS® HR reliably transfers to SAP in the national data centre.

The solution is designed as SAP subsystem for Time Recording and Access Control. However, in addition to Time Recording it can also be used as a self-sufficient and highly efficient Access Control System with regard to SAP.

The ZEUS® HR security lock plan manages all areal and temporal access rights and is also available for logical links such as room monitoring, etc.

This opens up the entire ISGUS portfolio of access readers, Access Control Managers, electronic locks and SmartHandles to SAP users.

Details of the structure and architecture of ZEUS® HR are sophisticated. As a pure .net development, installation and customizing via any browser is very easy. Cumbersome routes via Citrix or terminal servers are a thing of the past.

The entire rights assignment is role-based in ZEUS® HR. In addition, the respective organisation of the user can be displayed 1: 1 in the structure tree. This makes it possible to inherit rights and access profiles. As a result there is minimal effort for new hires or personnel transfers. After the import of new master records from SAP, all rights and profiles are automatically inherited from the respective organisational unit to which the employee belongs.

A complete user history and password security according to BSI standard are further benefits of the ISGUS solution.