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ZEUS® X keyless SMART

ZEUS® X keyless SMART


Access authorization for buildings, warehouses or sensitive areas such as server rooms play an important role in a modern security concept. ZEUS® Access Control offers reliable, round-the-clock protection for your company.

Irrespective of whether you install access readers only on the outer perimeter or at the entrance to an underground car park and use locking cylinders and SmartHandles inside, you always have the ability to manage all of these components centrally and in one system from ISGUS.

With ZEUS® X keyless SMART we now offer the ideal entry into the central administration of offline digital cylinders and SmartHandles. This allows existing doors to secure electronically quickly and without cabling. The problem of lost keys is finally a thing of the past.

The access rights are simply stored on the badge / transponder of the employees. This registration of access profiles or "Access-on-Card" is done according to the "OSS Standard Offline". This is a standard of the OSS Association e.V. (Open Security Standards Association), which also includes the ISGUS Group.


The mechanical door handle or locking cylinder is simply replaced by an electronic one - without wiring and special tools and is therefore equally suitable for any structural situation in old and new buildings. For a radio connection, it is already pre-equipped, and therefore can be used at any time.

If required, "ZEUS® X keyless SMART" can also be expanded to include ZEUS® X Access Control. This means that the system can not only be expanded to include classic online access readers, but also existing or additional offline components (digital cylinders and SmartHandles) become fully-fledged online components via wireless network and work just like the ISGUS access readers.

In the same way, ZEUS® X keyless SMART can of course be expanded with ZEUS® X Time & Attendance and other ZEUS® X modules at any time.