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2 ISGUS NEWS Edition 43 2023 Dear Reader, The modern working world stands for new generations with new challenges. At ISGUS, we are committed to keeping abreast of these changes and providing our customers with the best possible solutions. Our ISGUS NEWS magazine covers a wide range of topics like “Workation – merging holidays with working time”, “Digitalisation creating trust” or staying with ISGUS on the pulse of time. Our latest article on inclusion shows you how ISGUS can support you in making workplaces fit for accessibility. You want to save costs and still benefit from an already existing system? We show you how to efficiently reduce your costs without sacrificing data security in our article “Saving costs with the ISGUS Cloud”. We hope you enjoy reading our magazine and discovering the many ways to prepare yourself for the demands of the modern working world. Yours sincerely, Volker Neipp, ISGUS Export Manager ISGUS GmbH isgusgmbh ISGUS Gruppe ISGUS Gruppe ISGUS GmbH » SOCIAL MEDIA WHAT’S NEW AT ISGUS? STAY IN TOUCH WITH US! » ISGUS NEWSLETTER SUBSCRIPTION PREFACE

3 4 - 5 WORKATION – MERGING HOLIDAYS WITH WORKING TIME It is no secret that the Corona pandemic has per- manently changed the way we work... 6 ARE YOU FIT FOR THE MODERNWORKING WORLD? ISGUS KNOWS YOUR BENEFITS! How technical innovations are changing our working world... 7 NEWS OVERVIEW Get informed about our software solutions and feel free to watch our latest videos about it... 8 SAVING COSTS WITH THE ISGUS CLOUD In the ISGUS data centre, you benefit from an al- ready existing system architecture... 9 SETTING THE STAGE FOR INCLUSION It is important to us to develop a suitable solution for every challenge... 10 DIGITALISATION CREATING TRUST A relaxed, pleasant working atmosphere is the goal of employees... 11 ISGUS – ON THE PULSE OF TIME Our software solutions have evolved and today meet the pulse of the times... 4-5 WORKATION – MODERN AND SIMPLE 10 DIGITALISATION CREATING TRUST 9 INCLUSIONWITH ISGUS CONTENTS

4 ISGUS NEWS Edition 43 2023 WORKATION – MERGING HOLIDAYS WITH WORKING TIME It is no secret that the Corona pandemic has permanently changed the way we work. In this context, workation (a fusion of the words “work” and “vacation” ) has emerged as an appealing concept in the world of remote work by encompassing both working time and leisure time... Going on a workation means staying in a different environment getting inspired while fulfilling one’s day-to-day obligations remotely. Many employers are already committed to workation because this new concept of work, if applicable, proves to be beneficial for all parties involved. Employers have long recognised that workation can be a real booster for productivity and creativity as well as for employee satisfaction and retention. It is no secret that employees returning from their holidays often come up with highly innovative ideas as a result of relaxation, inspiration and less distraction. Experts and psychologists have been advising employers for a long time to say goodbye to rigid patterns. In particular, employers who highly rely on the creativity and ingenuity of their employees should provide a working environment that fosters creativity, flexibility and motivation. Flexible working hours and individual time recording from anywhere and at any time are considered a central building block for modern companies. With ZEUS® Time and Attendance from ISGUS, you enable your employees to record their working hours objectively and reliably. In addition, the ZEUS® mobile app allows you to submit workflow requests for corrections, absences and business trips and you can approve your employees request conventiently on your smartphone. The optimal use of individual and motivational working hours is often decisive in competing for qualified personnel. With Time and Attendance from ISGUS, you can flexibly adapt your working hours to the respective workload. What about digital workforce management? Companies are under particular competitive pressure, which is often felt at a sensitive point: personnel costs. Employees are a company’s most important resource and are largely responsible for its economic success. Only if staff are deployed efficiently can a company be successful in the long term. ISGUS digital staff scheduling combines these two points perfectly. In ZEUS® you can plan upcoming shifts from anywhere and always have all the necessary data at hand, such as the holiday planning of your employees or the current overview of hours, so that subsequent adjustments become unnecessary. With digital staff scheduling, staff bottlenecks can be quickly detected and directly resolved. The interactive shift swap and shift offer enable planners to react promptly to short-term absences. No doubt, the manifold possibilities of digital shift planning significantly reduce planning efforts and ultimately increase the efficiency of your entire company through the demand-oriented deployment of employees. WORKATION – MERGING HOLIDAYS WITH WORKING TIME

5 ISGUS NEWS Edition 43 2023 Fact check with ISGUS: What are your employees worth to you? Do you regularly create new stimuli for creative minds? Those who do not work at their usual workplace perceive completely new stimuli in the new environment. A new working environment can loosen up entrenched thought processes and lead to new perspectives. Workation can therefore be very inspiring and bring forth completely new ideas. Can your employees just relax for a while? Workations are meant to break through and question the otherwise rigid structures of work. Time off from work is really important in today’s working world. The aim is to reduce work-related stress through various de-stressing methods allowing you to promote employee satisfaction. Motivational enhancement – does it matter? Workation often results in enhanced quality and quantity of work. One of the reasons for this is that the distractions of everyday life are eliminated and your employees can thus concentrate much better on their work. Is the focus on your employees or on the place of work? Workation makes employees feel valued. The place of work recedes into the background while the individual needs of the employees come into focus. A walk on the beach or a long hike in the mountains is an ideal way to foster creativity and employee satisfaction – both in professional and private life. That is why employees should be able to take the freedom to work when and where they want. BE SMART – TAKE PART! WORKATION – MERGING HOLIDAYS WITH WORKING TIME

6 ISGUS NEWS Edition 43 2023 ARE YOU FIT FOR THE MODERN WORKING WORLD? ISGUS KNOWS YOUR BENEFTIS! MODERN FUTURE WORK NEW GENERATION FULFIL THE EXPECTATIONS How technical innovations are changing our working world. Baby boomers and XYZ generation: four generations – one working world! What distinguishes the generations from each other are their different values and demands on the world of work. Over the past 4 decades, priorities and requirements have changed significantly. From the digital revolution in the mid-90s, completely new working models and lifestyles have developed. Once it was “live to work”, today the motto is “life first, then work”. A change that, with rapidly advancing technical innovations, is far from over and certainly still has an exciting road ahead of it. Modern working world and clearly defined framework conditions must go hand in hand. Modern working time models cannot be implemented entirely without a controlling authority and clear framework conditions. It needs the right tools, such as ZEUS® Workforce Management from ISGUS. Software solutions tailored to individual needs make mobile or hybrid work- ing possible in the first place. Easy access to operational systems and simple communication remotely via PC, tablet or smartphone are now part of every modern company. Fast, interactive communication between employer and employee via an app such as ZEUS® X mobile is becoming more and more standard and fulfils the expectations of the young. “Future Work” – the ideal workplace of tomorrow! The Alpha generation is the name given to those born between 2010-2024. What kind of work models do you think our youngest will find? Let’s take a look into the future! Long and time-consuming commutes to fixed workplaces are a thing of the past. Our cities are green, car-free and primarly used for living and leisure. Every home has its own little working space allowing employees to enter a virtual workspace directly from home. Sophisticated workforce management systems in the background are pulling the strings, recording, processing and documenting millions of data and information within milliseconds and passing them on to their users in real time via virtual glasses. Digital networks unite colleagues from all over the world and bring them together in virtual meeting rooms. Language barriers no longer play a role because communication takes place via an automatic language function. THE MODERNWORKING WORLD

7 ISGUS NEWS Edition 43 2023 WE THINK THAT... ISGUS customer case studies, information days & trade fairs, ISGUS Sales Centre’s regional activities and up to date information about our modular ZEUS® solution – there is a wide range of interesting and varied articles. You will stay up-to-date regarding our latest software and hardware news in the field of Workforce Management including HR, Time Management, Production Data Capture and much more. Workforce Management is on everyone’s lips – regardless of whether they are start-ups or large corporations, many companies now rely on digital tools for time recording, staff scheduling or production data capture, because modern and future-proof workforce management sustainably improves effectiveness and productivity. The size of the company or the sector does not matter, but the positive effects on the company’s success, competitiveness, etc. do. Therefore, many different functions are available to align business processes in a cost- and demand-optimised way. Our short video clips give you a quick and comprehensive overview of different functions and benefits offered by ZEUS® Workforce Management. Check out our video selection! ...YOU SHOULD KNOW! NEWS OVERVIEW

8 ISGUS NEWS Edition 43 2023 OUR SUPPORT – YOUR PROFIT SAVING COSTS WITH THE ISGUS CLOUD Many companies are reluctant to move their time record- ing or even their entire Workforce Management solution to the “Cloud”—ultimately, it is all about sensitive personal data and having full control over it. In addition, the costs of external services are often overestimated, while at the same time many opportunities and benefits tend to fade into the background. Companies often wonder whether the costs for a SaaS solution and its associated support services are higher than those incurred by a comparable on-premise solution running in the company’s own IT environment? Not necessarily! In the ISGUS data centre, you benefit from an already existing system architecture into which your personal ZEUS® Workforce Management system can be easily and quickly integrated. As opposed to a classic on-premise solution, Software as a Service does not involve large investments in costly IT infrastructure on site, such as servers, operating systems, database licences, etc., which means little to no upfront capital expenditure. Additionally, the administrative expense for dedicated IT staff is eliminated, relieving or even freeing up internal resources for redeployment on core value-adding tasks. Moreover, you do not have to worry about data security and data privacy issues. Both from the perspective of the provider/user relationship and with regard to personal employee data, the ISGUS Cloud offers maximum security. The ISGUS data centre, certified according to ISO/IEC 27001:2013, relies on regular backups and a modern update strategy. Another decisive criterion for use is system availability: reaching 99.5%, the ISGUS data centre guarantees high availability which, undoubtedly, is above the availability usually achievable with on-premise installations. Furthermore, the modular design ensures easy system extensibility. All modules of ZEUS® Workforce Management can be flexibly extended and complemented to meet a company’s ever-changing business needs. The ISGUS data centre is ready for add-on modules and offers you the ideal performance from day one. This means that you benefit not only from a stable and predictable cost structure at the time of system introduction, but also when you decide to individually expand the system at a later stage. As an ideal complement to the Software as a Service offer, the ISGUS app “ZEUS® X mobile” can be integrated into your Workforce Management solution, which not only saves you money on software and hardware, but also allows you to benefit from increased mobile working efficiency of your staff. SAAS CERTIFIED AVAILABILITY CLOUD SOLUTION NEUE APP: ZEUS® smartID SAVING COSTS WITH THE ISGUS CLOUD

9 ISGUS NEWS Edition 43 2023 INCLUSION DIGITALISATION FULL ACCESSIBILITY EQUALITY FOR YOUR EMPLOYEES ISGUS stands for inclusion. It is important to us to develop a suitable solution for every challenge... Full accessibiliy of our ZEUS® solution... ... is a matter of the heart for us. With our ISGUS Workforce Management, visually impaired people have the possibility to solve all tasks of modern time management in a flexible and time-saving way. A barrier-free display with an adapted structure of the web interface and fully accessible workspaces in ZEUS® ensure unrestricted access for every type of visual impairment. Problems with contrasts, image and text enlargements as well as people with a red-green visual impairment do not pose any difficulties for us and our ZEUS® Workforce Management. SETTING THE STAGE FOR INCLUSIONWITH ISGUS Not only in the area of software, but also in the hardware production of our terminals, such as the IT 8210, we ensure easy and user-friendly handling for all groups of people. Create an inclusive working environment in your company and promote equality for all your employees. INCLUSIONWITH ISGUS

10 ISGUS NEWS Edition 43 2023 DIGITALISATION CREATING TRUST Employees in Germany spend an average of 34.8 hours a week at work – a very big part of lifetime no one wants to spend in a bad environment... The trend towards work-life balance and an improved quality of life at work is catching on and is a clear message to employers. A relaxed, pleasant working atmosphere is the goal. In times of a shortage of skilled workers and rising costs, employees are a highly valuable asset. Those who want to celebrate success in the future must have the foresight to focus not only on their clientele, but also look within their own ranks for innovative tools and ways to attract and retain employees for their company. Brave new working world Transparency, flexibility and self-determination – these are the pillars on which the new working world is built. Without digital support, like ZEUS® Workforce Management from ISGUS, this is hard to imagine. Digitalisation makes people mobile and creates unprecedented freedom for the entire workforce. With intelligent software solutions, modern companies today collect sympathy points with their employees and strengthen employer branding. Transparency makes the working world a little better Whether at home or in the office – every hour of extra work counts. And that is a good thing, because it is the only way to ensure fair remuneration. Thanks to fast time recording via mobile devices such as smartphones, tablets or PCs using the ZEUS® X mobile app, the work performed is precisely documented and stored in the system. Both employees and supervisors have full transparency at all times about overtime, holidays, flexitime or shift work. This rules out misunderstandings from the very beginning and nips resentment in the bud. With ZEUS® Time & Attendance, 100% of fairness and transparency are guaranteed. This creates trust and appreciation. Flexibility for a higher quality of life Which young parents don’t know it? The balancing act between parental duty and responsibility towards the employer is often a real feat. Sudden illness or school absences at short notice cannot be planned for. Good for those who have an understanding employer. What an advantage to be able to adjust your working hours to unexpected events as needed. For example, you can contact your colleagues directly via an app, such as the ZEUS® X mobile app, to swap shifts or coordinate with your supervisor. Software solutions make the working world more human and increase the quality of life. Self-determination creates space for creativity Waking up in the morning and being free to decide where and when to work today has its own special charm. This is a working model that is certainly not suitable for all professions, but is particularly popular with creative workers. Some activities run more efficiently in a quiet room, while others require team spirit. Thanks to intelligent software solutions, employees can decide for themselves which place is suitable at any given moment and thus give free rein to their creativity. Whether the early riser enters the office at five in the morning or the night owl visits the premises late at night – with ZEUS® Access Control and ZEUS® Time & Attendance, everything is permitted. CREATIVITY FLEXIBILITY QUALITY OF LIFE ZEUS® X MOBILE APP NEUE APP: ZEUS® smartID DIGIT LISATION CREATING TRUST

11 ISGUS NEWS Ausgabe 47 2023 SECURITY ADDED VALUE EFFICIENCY GAINS AGILE AND MOBILE Intelligent and efficient – software solutions for modern workforce and time management... ISGUS has been a leading solution provider for digital workforce management for many years. Just as the world of work has changed, our software solutions have also evolved and today meet the pulse of the times. We are aware that the requirements of the NewWork Generation can only be met with sophisticated digital technologies. That’s why our solutions are trimmed for performance. More than 15,000 customers worldwide use ISGUS ZEUS® software solutions and appreciate our wide range of services. Added value that counts Evaluations from our Workforce Management speak a clear language. Customers from industry, the public sector and health care using ZEUS® Staff Scheduling can implement their duty rosters 95 percent more accurately. At the same time, administrative savings of over 60 percent and a 30 percent increase in productivity can be achieved. We optimize your staffing requirements by automating working hours, staff availability and qualification. Added value that counts for you. Maximum flexibility and efficiency gains The precise interaction between routine tasks, standard processes and individuality is elementary for maximum flexibility and efficiency gain. ISGUS Workforce Management is a professional solution for highly complex processes and data processing. Our sophisticated modules, like Time & Attendance, Staff Scheduling, Production Data Capture, etc. are highly compatible and allow for system expansion at any time. This is digitalisation at the highest level. Security that you should not do without. Agile and mobile Mobility and agility are inseparable from the modern working world like butter on bread. However, without digital support, this is difficult to achieve. The ZEUS® X mobile app and the ZEUS® SaaS cloud solution were developed for this purpose. These create the desired framework conditions to win over employees. Self-determined working, flexible working hours, remote working – everything is possible. Increase employee satisfaction and present yourself as an attractive employer. Digitalisation is like a huge highway full of data. Faster and faster, higher and higher. To manage this data stream in compliance with the law, we have set up our own ISGUS data centre at our site in Villingen-Schwenningen. It is important to us that your data is in safe hands with us. That’s why we do everything we can to ensure the security of your data in compliance with the stringent German law. ISGUS – ON THE PULSE OF TIME THE NEWNORMAL ISGUS – ON THE PULSE OF TIME

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