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Your employees, your staff, your people. They are the backbone of your company and managing their time effectively can make or break your business. ISGUS Human Resources and Workforce Management software solutions provide fast, easy to use, and accurate employee time management. Our software solutions feature integrated modules for Time and Attendance ADP Management, Staff Scheduling, Job Costing, Project Tracking and Access Control. We offer flexible hosting options with traditional On-Premise Self Hosting or through our Software as a Service (SaaS) hosted in the ISGUS Cloud. With professional Time Management consultants in over 17 countries around the world, and over 15,000 installations to date, ISGUS is a global leader for Human Resources and Workforce Management.

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Employee Time Management by ISGUS

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Employee Time Management

Time Management is an integral part of today's business life. We live in a flexible working world, working at different times and different locations. Nevertheless, it is important for companies and managers to keep an eye on costs and efficiency. Read more.

Compliance with working time regulations

Nowadays how organizations pay employees are not always left up to owner and management to decide, in many cases now, there are State, National and local wage and hour restrictions. Adherence to shift policies and absence awards based on state and county policies are critical. Read more.



ISGUS, with its worldwide locations, offers you the perfect contact person for the development of your individual solution concept directly on site in Verona.

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Designed for Management of today's Workforce

   Designed for Management of today's Workforce

Business is moving at the speed of light, so you need a partner that not only considers today's challenges, and at the same time develop for the future. Accurate employee data capture of time worked means different things to different companies, with Fingerprint Biometric Terminals we can eliminate buddy punching, via our mobile app with GPS Tracking we can track mobile out of the office personnel, and with our PC Punch and Bar Code Scanning we can also track not only hours but specific tasks throughout an employees work day.

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Stay Compliant with Wage & Hour Regulations

   Stay Compliant with Wage & Hour Regulations

Government regulations to employers in how they calculate employees time worked and award absences is more prevalent now than in any time in history. Therefore the importance of chosen a time management solutions provider is more important than ever. At ISGUS we are subscribers of Comploant Centric Associations and Web Sites that provide us with updates and changes to Federal, State and even Country related. We can provide advice and access to these resources so you can stay informed as well, to avoid any litigation.

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Track Real Time Productivity of Employees versus Forecasts

   Track Real Time Productivity of Employees versus Forecasts

Managing, Measuring and Controling Costs of Labor is always paramount to successful organizations that put an emphasis on smart growth. The ISGUS Productivity Tracking Module can help build expectations and provide data on progress of projects based on expactations and benchmarks that have been established. Reporting on trends from past performance can allow for more accurate bidding of similar sales orders with many of the same functions and tasks. ERP Interface through the ISGUS API makes importing and exporting of work order data seamless, with litte to no human interaction, which can streamline workflow and accessibility by user authorizations.

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Terminals for TAM Time & Attendance

ZEUS® X mobile
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IT 8200
Time & Attendance, Employee-Self-Service, Cost Center Recording and Access Control

IT 8210
Time & Attendance, Employee-Self-Service, Cost Center Recording and Access Control

IT 8260
Production Data Capture, Time & Attendance, Employee-Self-Service