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Workforce Management

Float in the ISGUS Cloud with ZEUS® Time and Attendance

When it comes to Human Resources and Workforce Management, more and more businesses are choosing to host their software solutions through an external data center managed by specialist providers in computing environments, operating systems and administration.

  • Eliminates all the infrastructure costs related to purchasing, maintaining and updating your own servers
  • Easy monthly payments and regular software upgrades
  • More time to focus on managing and growing your business

Magic clouds

With ZEUS®, a whole new world of intuitive HR Management awaits you. Experience the ease of managing your employees with its innovative features and user-friendly interface. With ZEUS®, everything is effortlessly under control. But that's not all! ZEUS® HR Management goes beyond just employee management – it helps you unlock their full potential too. By harnessing the power of intelligent data analysis, ISGUS' HR Management provides valuable insights into your workforce, empowering you to optimize your processes.

What sets ZEUS® HR Management apart? It seamlessly combines efficiency, innovation, and reliability in a single solution. Never before has managing your HR tasks while meeting your employees' needs been this simple and rewarding.

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ZEUS® Access Control for more saftey

A reliable Access Control Security System is not an option for businesses – it’s a necessity. ZEUS® Access Control provides security for your employees, visitors, buildings and business equipment.

  • Define individual access profiles for different room zones and security areas
  • Flexible and easy access authorizations for employees, visitors and external companies
  • Effortlessly assigne a digital security lock plan

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