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With ZEUS®, a whole new world of intuitive HR management awaits you. Experience the ease of managing your employees with its innovative features and user-friendly interface. With ZEUS®, everything is effortlessly under control. But that's not all! ZEUS® HR Management goes beyond just employee management – it helps you unlock their full potential too. By harnessing the power of intelligent data analysis, ISGUS' HR management provides valuable insights into your workforce, empowering you to optimize your processes.

What sets ZEUS® HR Management apart? It seamlessly combines efficiency, innovation, and reliability in a single solution. Never before has managing your HR tasks while meeting your employees' needs been this simple and rewarding.

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Time and Attendance made mobile

Revolutionise your time management with ZEUS® mobile! Our ISGUS app enables the mobile recording of working and project times directly at their point of origin.

Flexibility, mobility, efficiency

With our app, you have full control. Create requests for workflow corrections, absences and business trips and approve them conveniently on your smartphone!

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Our new edition informs you about our latest ZEUS® HR Management module within the ISGUS' ALL-IN-ON Workforce Management.  New events? We are happty to introduce you our InnovationS event series: three cities, three dates in June 2024 – the event for innovation! ISGUS is taking the path to more stustainability. Read more about this in our article. Finally, don't miss out on a glimpse into the ISGUS trade fair world of 2024, where we'll guide you on how to realign your organisation.

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Unlocking potential and efficiency with ISGUS

   Unlocking potential and efficiency with ISGUS

Digital workforce management is a crucial tool for unlocking potential and maximizing efficiency in the workplace. The direct correlation between digitalization and employee satisfaction means that employers...

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ZEUS® Staff Scheduling even on public holidays

   ZEUS® Staff Scheduling even on public holidays

Taking employees' wishes into account, distributing shifts fairly – even over the years – and then keeping an eye on laws, contracts, qualifications and employees' personal interests is quite a challenge. It's quite difficult...

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ISGUS ALL-IN-ONE Workforce Management

   ISGUS ALL-IN-ONE Workforce Management

We, as a leading provider of digital workforce management solutions, are constantly striving for improvement. In addition to our existing on-premise and cloud-based offerings, we are now introducing ZEUS® HR Management...

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