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Introducing ZEUS® HR Management by ISGUS, where cutting-edge HR management meets the convenience of the cloud for effortless handling of the ISGUS solution. This innovative product offers a multitude of features, including a digital personnel file and document management system.

By seamlessly integrating with the ISGUS Cloud, you not only enjoy numerous cost benefits but also have peace of mind knowing that this product is certified. As an integral part of ISGUS Workforce Management, HR Management empowers you to streamline all your essential personnel administration processes from a single platform.

Succesful HR

With ZEUS®, a whole new world of intuitive HR management awaits you. Experience the ease of managing your employees with its innovative features and user-friendly interface. With ZEUS®, everything is effortlessly under control. But that's not all! ZEUS® HR Management goes beyond just employee management – it helps you unlock their full potential too. By harnessing the power of intelligent data analysis, ISGUS' HR management provides valuable insights into your workforce, empowering you to optimize your processes.

What sets ZEUS® HR Management apart? It seamlessly combines efficiency, innovation, and reliability in a single solution. Never before has managing your HR tasks while meeting your employees' needs been this simple and rewarding.

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ZEUS® Time and Attendance increasing motivation

Use ZEUS® Time and Attendance and optimize all time management tasks. Standard processes that were previously carried out manually and were time-consuming are now automated.

  • Reducing costs and increasing efficiency

  • Transparency and information

  • Employee motivation

Take care of your employees

Workforce Management Expanded

Thousands of our valued customers recognize ISGUS as the leading provider of highly advanced time tracking software. ZEUS® Time and Attendance is an exceptional system for accurately recording working hours and absences, delivering on its promises! We are also renowned for ZEUS® Staff Scheduling, which optimizes your workforce by efficiently managing personnel and qualifications.

Excitingly, we have now introduced a new addition to our range of solutions: ZEUS® HR Management. With ZEUS® HR Management, ISGUS transforms Workforce Management into a comprehensive all-in-one digital solution tailored to meet your company's HR needs.

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ZEUS® Staff Scheduling » no problem on public holidays

   ZEUS® Staff Scheduling » no problem on public holidays

Who isn't familiar with this as a shift planner: the new year once again brings many public holidays with unpopular shifts. Taking employees' wishes into account, distributing shifts fairly – even over the years – and then keeping an eye on laws, contracts, qualifications and employees' personal interests is quite a challenge...

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Miracle cure for labour shortages » Workforce Management

   Miracle cure for labour shortages » Workforce Management

Digital workforce management is a crucial tool for unlocking potential and maximizing efficiency in the workplace. The direct correlation between digitalization and employee satisfaction means that employers can greatly benefit from utilizing workforce management software. The key lies in advanced planning methods that cater to specific objectives...

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Chances of employee self service » ZEUS® is effective

   Chances of employee self service » ZEUS® is effective

What has long been common practice in many areas is now gaining ground in the HR department: People are taking on administrative tasks themselves. Self services have long since arrived in everyday life, relieving employees and offering the opportunity to increase productivity. When employees no longer have to deal with standard administrative tasks, they have time...

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