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The health and safety of employees is of paramount importance to any organisation. With the evacuation function of ZEUS® mobile, we offer you an innovative solution to quickly and easily check and manage the safety status of your employees in an emergency. Our video shows you how companies can use the evacuation overview of the ZEUS® mobile App to get a clear overview of the evacuation situation in critical situations.

When a fire alarm is activated, our app steps in to guide you through the evacuation procedure and sends out a compliant email as required by EU law. Safeguard your company and employees by utilizing our quick, easy, and efficient evacuation function. Ensure you are well-prepared for emergencies.

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ZEUS® Time and Attendance increasing motivation

Use ZEUS® Time and Attendance and optimize all time management tasks. Standard processes that were previously carried out manually and were time-consuming are now automated.

  • Reducing costs and increasing efficiency

  • Transparency and information

  • Employee motivation

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Deskless worker? » With ISGUS and ZEUS® we have the right offer!

   Deskless worker? » With ISGUS and ZEUS® we have the right offer!

Deskless workers are essential contributors in a range of industries including manufacturing, retail, hospitality, and healthcare in today's professional environment. These individuals typically lack access to personal computers, laptops, and email accounts, posing a challenge for companies to effectively incorporate them into their human resources procedures...

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Attention SAP users » Ready for ZEUS® Production Data Capture?

   Attention SAP users » Ready for ZEUS® Production Data Capture?

The ongoing enhancement of operations in company manufacturing leads to a competitive edge. In today's digital age, the collection of digital and thorough production data is crucial for the business success of companies. With the current challenges in the supply chain, advanced Production Data Capture for SAP users facilitates seamless data transmission...

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ISGUS TEAM employee magazine 3.0 » innovation and inspiration

   ISGUS TEAM employee magazine 3.0 » innovation and inspiration

Introducing the highly anticipated third edition of the ISGUS Team magazine, where innovation meets inspiration, and opportunities abound. Within these pages, you'll embark on a journey through the dynamic world of ISGUS, discovering groundbreaking insights, inspiring stories, and exciting career prospects. More than just a magazine, the ISGUS Team is a...

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