Grow your business with integrated HR and Payroll

Grow your business with integrated HR and Payroll

Focus your time and energy on growth initiatives and your core business - leave the admin and compliance to us

Human Resource Management

HR software collects and organizes all the information you gather throughout the employee life cycle, and then helps you use it to achieve great things. Whether you are hiring, onboarding, preparing compensation, or building corporate culture, Human Resource Software gives you the tools and insights to focus on your most important asset - your people!

People are the key to workplace excellence. If you give HR the knowledge and time to work with people, they can build the kind of culture, policies, and practices that set entire organizations free to be better at what they do. And when you give employees the power to help themselves, they feel more valued and capable as contributors rather than simple assets. 

The ISGUS solution is ideally prepared to link with HR systems to increase efficiency and, as a result, the productivity of both employees and managers should increase and become more effective. 


Payroll management duties can create a huge burden and unwanted stress for small business owners and can be owerhelming for large businesses. A missed deadline or incorrect filling of taxes can result in fines or jail time.  

Employers must thoroughly understand how to do payroll, how to withhold taxes from each paycheck, and how to make sure taxes are paid to the correct government agency. Employers may also be responsible for deducting and paying premiums for insurance and depositing funds into retirement accounts or to selected charities. To avoid any issues, every small, mid-sized, and large business should use payroll software.

Payroll is something that has to be done accurately and regularly, so it makes sense for companies to invest in a system that automates these processes. Payroll software can mitigate errors, improve compliance, and save time. With increasingly easy-to-use options, payroll software is helping companies everywhere retain control over payroll processes while providing greater flexibility than with outsourced payroll.

The data delievered by TAM Time and Attendance can directly be used for payroll accounting. Through our various methods of recording, for example, via web terminal or mobile app, employees can record labor times wherever they are working so that you do not have any additional effort with the subsequent entry of certain hours.

Time & Attendance
Track employee hours anytime anywhere with our flexible time solution for all businesses

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Staff Scheduling
It is critical to have the right employee with the right skill level working at the right time

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Production Data Capture
Real-time production data, reporting and cost-efficient data capturing in manufacturing

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Access Control
We offer a wide array of security solutions, services and data collection to keep your employees and inventory safe

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