TAM Time & Attendance Terminals

TAM Time & Attendance Terminals

Time and Attendance and Production Data Collection terminals accurately and quickly record:

  • IN/OUT punches
  • Absences with real-time information
  • Cost centers
  • Access with and without PIN or via biometric technology
  • Order/project start and end
  • Quantities
  • Operations
  • etc.

Terminals provide up-to-the-minute information about:

  • All time accounts
  • Last punches
  • Remaining holidays
  • Individually defined messages

Employee related information such as the Personal Punch Journal is made directly from the Proximity / Biometric Clocking Terminals and can be returned by the system via email or generated as a report. The intuitive user guide and comprehensive online plausibility functions check void or faulty entries for added security.

The ISGUS Terminal IT Series is available in all standard reading technologies.

Terminals for TAM Time & Attendance

ZEUS® mobile
Available in the App-Stores, mobile time and data recording, workflow requests

IT 8210
Time & Attendance, Employee-Self-Service, Cost Center Recording, Access Control

IT 8210 FR
Time & Attendance, Face Recognition, Fingerprint, Employee-Self-Service

IT 8270
Production Data Capture (PDC), Time & Attendance, workflow requests


TAM Production Data Capture Terminals


Efficient PDC terminals enable data collection in all environments dealing with production and performance data. Parameters of any type, individually defined for each terminals, are punched directly at the terminal:

  • Job positions
  • Collective jobs
  • Multiple machine operation
  • Job transfer upon shift changeover
  • Input of production data
  • Input of job data

Easy Recording

The ISGUS IT Series Proximity / Biometric Terminals are easy to operate and enable quick, secure and complete recordings of your business data. The online plausibility checks increase security for your business processes.

Flexible Use

ISGUS solutions are focused on the unique and specific requirements of your business and provide easy and secure operations including:

  • Mobile or stationary recording
  • PDC terminals or software clients
  • Easy recording via keypad or scanner
  • Comfortable operation via touchscreen
  • Improved communication with employees

Terminals for TAM Production Data Capture

IT 8210
Time & Attendance, Employee-Self-Service, Access Control

IT 8270
Production Data Capture, Time & Attendance, Workflow requests