System Implementation

Steps for a Successful Installation

Phase I - Data Gathering

In Phase I your account will be assigned a specific project implementation specialist. Their main goal in this phase will be to gather all of your pay and absence rules as it relates to tracking hours worked and absences, and any additional rule sets that relate to specific modules.

  • Project Kick Off meeting
  • Review of system requirements survey
  • Review of employee master file requirements
  • Completion of requirements documentation

Phase II - Configuration, Installation, Testing & Set Up

In Phase II your ISGUS Project Implementation Specialist will configure all of your business rules into your specific database. At this time we normally schedule weekly conference calls to get questions answered that either party may have, and to perform “proof of calculation & user authorizations” webinars.

  • Configuration of software database
  • (Proof of calculation) Review of database
  • Configuration of IT data collection terminals
  • Installation of software & IT terminals
  • Configuration & Testing of payroll interface
  • Configuration of user authorizations & passwords

Phase III - Supervisor & Administrative Training

In Phase III actual real time use of the system begins, and we can preferably have one or two pay periods to run parallel prior to going live. During this period training of supervisors is done on a weekly scheduled basis. At this time supervisors can log into pre-scheduled webinars and get training and support.

  • Enrollment of employees on data collection terminals for punching
  • Weekly supervisor training (while parallel punching)
  • General system review
  • Final test of payroll interface & go live date
  • Weekly supervisor training (while system is live)