Public Services

Public Services

For a future-focused approach in the Public Services sector, we offer solutions which efficiently fulfil the complex requirements of collective and individual service agreements. Modern Time Management provides sustainable respite for everything, through digital workflows, for paperless absences management, booking and time account updates, up to requests for business trips.


Software Solutions

Time & Attendance

TAM Time & Attendance

A time-saving and reliable way to solve all tasks of a modern Workforce Management

Access Control

TAM Access Control

24/7 Security for your employees and guests, buildings and office equipment

Production Data Capture

TAM Productivity Tracking

Analyse your projects and production processes for potential optimisation, based on objective KPI’s

Staff Scheduling

TAM Staff Scheduling

Demand-oriented Staff Scheduling with digital shift / team planning

SAP Communication

TAM SAP Communication

Optimal communication of ISGUS T&A and Access Control with SAP HCM