Create workforce satisfication with SAP Time and Attendance Management

Create workforce satisfication with SAP Time and Attendance Management

Perfect integration of time management systems - TAM CONNECT 4 FOR SAP HCM


In 1994, ISGUS became a certified SAP Partner and we have accrued and consolidated an in-depth knowledge of SAP systems. The ISGUS solution TAM CONNECT 4 FOR SAP HCM for Time and Attendance and Access Control are designed to perform in conjunction with all SAP user requirements.

Certification for SAP S/4HANA and HR-PDC 4.5

The compatibility of our TAM CONNECT 4 FOR SAP HCM solution with the current versions S/4HANA and HR-PDC 4.5 is guaranteed, and the latest recertification by SAP has recently been completed.

TAM CONNECT 4 FOR SAP HCM provides SAP users with a reliable and technologically advanced solution for connecting ISGUS terminals for time and attendance and shop floor data capture as well as the entire portfolio of readers and components for corporate security and the management of visitors and external persons to their SAP system.

Major clients from all sectors of the economy, public administration and the police have been working successfully for years with the high-quality software and hardware solutions from ISGUS.


Whitepaper about the optimal time recording for SAP users

Whitepaper about the optimal time recording for SAP users

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ZEUS® CONNECT 4 FOR SAP HCM - The advantages of a convergence of smart ERP with smart workflow management


SAP Certificate - S/4HANA
PDF: 42 kB


SAP Certificate - SAP ERP 6.0 EhP5
PDF: 44 kB


SAP & Time and Attendance

Bookings are recorded in real time and employees can request access and view their personal data, providing up to date information on their time account balance at any time. The Time and Attendance terminals are operationally and administratively user friendly.

The terminals provide real time information on time accounts, punches, balances and remaining holidays. The system will also assign punches to cost centers, projects, orders, and transfer of time events such as interim punches for Access Control.

SAP & Access Control

The ISGUS TAM CONNECT 4 FOR SAP HCM solution can be extended by implementing the TAM Access Control module to deliver the highest standards in security and flexibility in Access Control systems. The security lock plan feature provides high visibility enabling you to create your own individual access profiles.

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