Ensure security around the clock with Access Control from ISGUS

Ensure security around the clock with Access Control from ISGUS

We offer a wide array of security solutions, services and data collection to keep your employees and inventory safe

Security for employees, data, buildings, equipment and more

A reliable Access Control Security System is not an option for businesses – it’s a necessity. ISGUS TAM Access Control provides security for your employees, visitors, buildings and business equipment - and just as importantly - your data and company know-how. Furthermore, with ISGUS, your individual safety requirements and legal regulations for fire protection and escape routes are also taken into account.

For unrivalled security, we provide specialized identification and transponder technology, biometric identification and a number of other technical specifications that can be tailored for your business’s individual needs.

The Security Lock Plan

The intuitive Security Lock Plan enables you to quickly discover which employees are authorized to enter particular access points and which are in specific areas. Varying organizational structures can also easily be adapted in the Security Lock Plan.

Security For All Doors via Access Readers & Digital Locking Technology

We offer Access Control readers for any given constructional circumstance - whether it’s vandal proof elements for external areas, design elements for interior areas, or even discrete solutions within existing light switches. Our solution combines classical Access Control with Digital Locking Technology (such as electronic locks and SmartHandles) and also provides security for doors not directly wired to the Access Control system. The access rights for offline electronic locks are automatically transferred or validated to your badges or key fobs via Access-On-Card.

Thanks to wireless technology, digital locking cylinders are fully accessible online with all the benefits of online Access Control. We recommend the safe and practice-proven methods MifareDESFire and LEGIC advant. Choose between individually designed ID cards or secure transponders in key fob format.


A maximum security level is achieved with the use of Biometric Access Control Fingerprint Reader Technology. The biometric screening verification procedure - combined with badges, key fobs and additional PIN code entry - guarantees unrivaled security.

Efficiency and Audit Trail Functionality

Access Control authorization for new employees will automatically be suggested in conjunction with the incumbent definitions for their business unit. A detailed overview of the digital Security Lock Plan provides historical information about temporal and spatial access authorizations, enabling precise forward planning. Any anomalies are displayed transparently and are documented for secure auditing.

Security with Alarm Management

The Access Control Manager transfers alarm events directly to the alarm management console or to your alarm management. In case of an emergency, you can open doors with a duress PIN, and security and facility management will be immediately informed.

Modular Structure

Extend and enhance your TAM Access Control system at any time with the following modules:

The TAM solution is aligned to your individual business needs and can be extended by a visitor management (VISIT) at any time.

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