Absence recording in the service sector

Companies in the service sector are widely diversified and consist of many different departments and responsibilities. As you are often in contact with customers and also depend on the availability of your colleagues, you need a tool that provides an overview of your current presenceISGUS Workforce Management is ideal for this purpose. It combines time recording and staff scheduling and provides you with an up-to-date overview at any time and from any location.

Especially in the service sector, automating and maintaining accurate employee absentee records is critical in staying compliant with national, state and even country level departments of labor mandates. This makes the visibility of both employees and supervisors' access to absence balances and entitlement more crucial than ever. With TimeAttendanceManager's individual and group diaries, we make the viewing of absences planned and taken easy to read screen. 

Even if you are are not just operating at one fixed location offers ISGUS the solution. With our mobile app all employees have access to the TimeAttendanceManager from the go and can do IN and OUT punches as well as request for absences via smartphone or tablet.