Access control with facial recognition by ISGUS ᐅ the face as a key

Gain access without a key in your pocket. Facial recognition makes it possible. This state-of-the-art technology links your face to your identity and access rights, turning your face into a key. ‍Are you wondering whether access control with facial recognition can also be used for you?

Facial recognition is a biometric technology that uses unique features of your face to verify your identity. This type of access control is fully integrated into the all-encompassing ISGUS platform.

Face recognition is an integral part of our everyday lives and accompanies us every day when we use our smartphones. When it comes to identifying your employees within the company, facial recognition and biometrics are considered the most secure methods. Time and Attendance in conjunction with facial recognition represents an innovation and is emblematic of modern Workforce Management.

The IT 8210 FR biometric terminal by ISGUS enables Workforce Management and employee self-service features utilizing cutting-edge facial recognition technology: contactless, speedy, and dependable. An exceptional aspect is ISGUS's identification process, which does not retain any user images.