Attention SAP users » Ready for ZEUS® Production Data Capture in your manufacturing?

The ongoing enhancement of operations in company manufacturing leads to a competitive edge. In today's digital age, the collection of digital and thorough production data is crucial for the business success of companies. With the current challenges in the supply chain, advanced Production Data Capture for SAP users facilitates seamless data transmission throughout the value chain, ensuring all data is stored and analyzed. This enables the evaluation and optimization of manufacturing processes for efficiency and productivity.

ISGUS has a longstanding partnership with SAP, offering a wealth of knowledge and experience gained from numerous SAP projects of different scales. The ZEUS® SAP Communication by ISGUS is tailored for SAP users, with a focus on Time and Attendance and Access Control. When integrated with SAP, ZEUS® enables the identification of potential enhancements in production workflows, ultimately boosting productivity. By utilizing the ERP interface, the software retrieves essential production, order, and master data to guarantee the precision of time-related activities prior to their documentation.