Bad at Time Management?

Time is running every day - 24 hours a day, 60 minutes an hour. Every person experiences it differently, but for a business, it is necessary to plan tasks and services and therefore to know how long every step in a project takes. During the workday, there are a lot of tasks to concentrate on. After completing a project, it is tricky to tell how long each step took. Nevertheless, your time estimation skills decide whether you’ll succeed or fail. 

For a good Time Management, you might need to take some help from advanced Time Tracking tools. The knowledge of these planning tips and techniques are essential to run a business effectively.

Planning time periods is important

As a business, you can estimate how many days a service takes. Depending on the period of employment and the service, employees are able to tell how many hours they need for a special task. But this becomes more difficult with new tasks or ones that differ from customer to customer. When answering the client’s requests, a business must know about the next free time slot and about the time period it will need to finish the task. Otherwise, there is no way to plan precisely.

To know the revenue of a service, a business needs to calculate the expenses. Staff costs, material, and running costs belong to these expenses and depend on the time period of the task. The longer the employees need to finish, the more money does the job cost and the less new tasks can be started.

Tips to estimate your time more effectively

  •     Plan your day well in advance
  •     Learn the art of prioritization
  •     Delegate tasks to get more done
  •     Figure out where you spend time the most
  •     Use a management tool to boost productivity
  •     Automate repetitive tasks to save your time
  •     Keep distractions at bay
  •     Establish a daily routine and stick to it
  •     If something can be done in two minutes, do it right away

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