Become as profitable as possible with Production Data Capture

To become as profitable as possible tracking not only employee hours worked but the TASKS they perform throughout the day is Job 1, and with the ISGUS Data Production Capture Module we can get you there.

Job costing is the process of accurately tracking the cost to deliver a product or a particular function. Accurately tracking this process allows a business to achieve its gross profit margin by charging the right price. The ability to accurately estimate job costing effects not just your gross profit margin but also the decision to hire new employees, how much to charge for products and services, and more. And one of the best tools to estimate job costing is our production data capture module.

Our Production Data Capture Module provides you with the data you need to accurately estimate the cost of future projects. Our software tracks employees who work different schedules, at different locations, and much more. For example, our system helps with the following pain points:

  • Ability to identify revenue leaks in project budgets
  • Accounts for all billable hours
  • Syncs time cards with payroll
  • Decreases the difficulty of identifying high revenue projects

Learn more about how our time and attendance software is suited for job costing!

Management accounting and job costing work together to identify profitable sections of your business. You can think of it as management accounting identifying the larger areas of loss and revenue, while job costing tracks the smaller components responsible for revenue loss and increased profit margins.

If you’re still on the fence about the importance of management accounting and job costing, consider that they especially matter for service businesses due to the pressures of:

  • Limited skilled applicant pool
  • High competition for customers
  • Market volatility

By combining the insights of management accounting and job costing, a business can accurately identify trends and opportunities with the highest profit potential. Once key opportunities are identified, business owners can set company-wide goals and help employees contribute to them. If you’re ready to make data-driven decisions about your business, the ISGUS Production Data Capture software is your single-source platform to maximize your organization’s resources. Request a demo below to learn more!