Benefits of T&A policies

Have you reviewed your Time & Attendance policy lately? Or, have you recently discovered that your organisation hasn’t clearly written out its Time & Attendance policy? Now might be the time to get to work on updating or creating new policies.

Here are 3 reasons why it might be useful for a company to write down their T&A policy:

Having written Time & Attendance policies can make it easier for workers to refer to them if they have questions, rather than needing to check with managers.

When Time & Attendance policies are clearly communicated—and when managers follow through on policies—workers can see that your organisation is committed to treating employees equally, regardless of department or title.

Time & Attendance policies also provide your organisation, and its leaders, with support in cases where an employee is disciplined because of persistent issues. In other words, when a manager can refer to a policy, an employee is less likely to feel singled out.

However, things like unscheduled absences and scheduling issues can impact organisations of all sizes, and might even lead to time fraud. Are these issues happening in your workplace?

There are times in almost everyone’s life where they need to be extra-protective of their schedules—or when they need their employers to be more flexible than usual. A Time & Attendance solution such as TAM Time & Attendance helps workers and managers achieve greater scheduling flexibility. The ISGUS solution for Time & Attendance assures a comprehensive, intuitive and flexible Workforce Management system suitable for any business sector and company size.

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