Biometric & Employee badge Data Collection Solutions in the palm of your hand

The basis for good work and a professional occurrance of a company is the reliablility of employees, who are fundamentally part of it. Therefore, the bulk labor time is an important factorRecording of labor hours offers you the perfect overview of all time data which enables you to optimize processes and current time schedules. But how can you integrate a Time and Attendance system into your processes without creating great additional effort?

The solution is TimeAttendanceManager from ISGUS. Through our terminals all employees simply punching their times via fingerprint or employee badge which stores the times directly in the system. The cards can be tied to your access control solution, so you have all functionalities with one badge. Intelligent terminals by ISGUS allow employees to look up hours worked, previous punch times, and requests for time off directly e-mailed to their managers.

In addition to time recording, you can also connect barcode scanners to the terminal, which allows you to directly record production data. So that you are not only capturing bulk hours worked, but productivity of employees throughout the day and week what will optimize organization efficiency at every turn.