Chances of employee self service » ZEUS® is effective

What has long been common practice in many areas is now gaining ground in the HR department: People are taking on administrative tasks themselves.

Self services have long since arrived in everyday life, relieving employees and offering the opportunity to increase productivity. When employees no longer have to deal with standard administrative tasks, they have time for other activities that can drive the company forward.

The principle of self-service or self-administration can also be applied to HR. Employees can access their master data at any time, enter holiday requests, travel expenses and absence times independently in an employee self-service system and change personal information, for example after a change of account or address.

Last but not least, by giving employees the option of self-administration, you express your trust in them – and this ultimately promotes motivation and commitment. With an Employee Self Service that fits in with the company structures, the company can only win.

ISGUS drives success forward

The introduction of ZEUS® Time and Attendance and ZEUS® HR Management offers lucrative opportunities to streamline HR processes and give employees more autonomy and trust. Employees benefit from faster decisions, for example when applying for leave, and a high level of transparency. Flexible working hours and individualised time recording from anywhere and at any time are considered a central building block for modern companies. With ZEUS® Time and Attendance from ISGUS, you can provide your employees with objective and reliable working time recording. The mobile app from ISGUS allows your employees to make their time bookings all by themselves and on the move.