Chaos in US air traffic due to faulty file

US air traffic for domestic flights had to be stopped for 90 minutes. According to initial findings of the aviation authority, the fault was due to a faulty database file and there was no evidence of a hacker attack. The faulty file not only affected the main system, but also backup systems, which meant that a complete restart was necessary. Due to the disruption, 9600 flights were delayed and over 1300 were cancelled.

Error-free data

Devastating effects within 90 minutes that brought the entire operation to a standstill. To ensure that this does not happen to you, ISGUS offers you TAM Production Data Collection (PDC), which guarantees you error-free data. In this way, it helps you to reliably identify weak points and potential points for optimization and to improve them in a targeted manner. Current information and key figures enable these analyzes and conclusions, which makes them indispensable for efficient and economical production control.