Cloud-based Time Recording

Offering a time recording system as software as a service is not a new approach, but it has gained new relevance due to the more flexible way many people work. In addition to working hours, the working locations have also become increasingly flexible and now not only startups but also established companies can work from anywhere at any time. To remain compliant with time and attendance requirements, the system must be available on all devices.

Outsourcing to an external data center is a worthwhile step. You minimize your investment risk and save yourself the labor-intensive installation and maintenance of hardware and software. In addition, you can ensure that you have access to the system from any location and at any time without having to use cumbersome VPN tunnels or certificates.

ISGUS offers you exactly this. The ISGUS Cloud is the optimal extension of time and attendance and further simplifies your work with our software. At the same time, you still retain complete data control and, thanks to our numerous certifications, you don't have to worry about the security of your employee data. The cloud-based time recording works just as autonomously as an on premise installation and, with an availability of 99.5%, is above most data centers. 

In addition, the ISGUS Cloud allows you to easily expand your existing modules or add more without having to worry about hardware capacity or the like.