Compliance with working time regulations

Nowadays how organizations pay employees are not always left up to owner and management to decide, in many cases now, there are State, National and local wage and hour restrictions. Adherence to shift policies and absence awards based on state and county policies are critical. Compliance and reporting on meeting requirements for such things as clocking in early, rounding of punches, break and lunch times, are all now mandated to protect employees from abusive working conditions, and often times verified by government agencies such as the department of labor. 

Sick times granted to both full time and part time employees are also mandated in many industries, in such a way that for every 30 minutes worked and employee must receive one hour of sick time, Family Leave Act and other laws also mean tracking and reporting on not only hours worked, but absence time taken are critical to maintain.

To avoid payout for Vacation, and Personal Time Off that was not really earned, many organizations have switched over to earning time off based on total hours worked, or by pay period. This eliminates the risk of having to employees their total vacation time for the year, even though the leave at the beginning or middle of the year. This earn as you work mentality carries over to only have employees earn vacation or PTO time after a probationary period of often times 90 days.


With TimeAttendanceManager from ISGUS you stay compliant to all regional policies and working time regulations. With our longstanding experience we know the differences between States and Counties and help you to track times in the right way. We keep track of the many different regulations on time recording and absence management and are happy to support you.

But we not just offer you a solution for Time & Attendance. Further modules as Staff SchedulingJob Costing or Access Control can seamlessly be integrated into the software. Furthermore, you can export all data to 3rd party paroll provider.