Control Labor Costs with a Leader in Employee Time Management

Recurring Labor Costs are among the highest expenses businesses and gaining a better insight on why is critical to long term success. You can uncover key trends that help you monitor and control labor costs with an automated time and attendance software. A company with only 25 employees getting paid on average $ 30,000.00 annually has a yearly labor costs of $ 750,000.00 which at some times can equal 50% of their total costs. Implementing the ISGUS Time Management Solution can save companies on average 4% on these costs, or in the case above $ 30,000.00 a year!

Our online time and attendance software not only enable you to automate employee time collection, it interacts with all key elements of the workforce, clocking in and out, schedules, PTO Tracking which makes it a foundation of a happy and informed workforce.

Exception tracking of tardiness, and unauthorized overtime, are two key areas that ensure equitable treatment of all employees over all departments. Highlighting employees that may be taking advantage of the policies set forth by your HR department. Reporting on exceptions and excess hours worked can be done via automatic e-mails to supervisors, notifications and alerts, so that instances of anomalies can be handled as they occur and are fresh in everyone’s mind, employees knowing that timely monitoring are less apt to make exceptions, therefore reducing conflicts and lack of production due to unauthorized absence time during the work day.