Cow walks on barn roof

A 26-year-old farmer observed a strange phenomena in his father-in-law's farmyard. One of the Sim Angus cattle was walking around on the barn roof. The cattle are known for the fact that a lot of meat can be taken from them – but the fact that they like to climb on roofs has so far remained unnoticed.

An unusual event that you don't see every day. Use ISGUS TAM Staff Scheduling to help you know what's going on in your company. Your staff will be scheduled according to the workload. Together with you, we develop a concept that is tailored to your needs and possibilities.

Shift swaps and digital shift handovers

Reduce planning effort with shift swaps and digital shift handovers. ISGUS TAM Staff Scheduling reduces effort noticeably while, at the same time, increasing planning quality. The planning selects eligible employees and informs them directly via email and push message.

They can then report interactively in order to accept or reject the proposed shift.