Creating flexibility thanks to Desk sharing » Time and Attendance settles your claims

What is desk sharing and why is it relevant?

Desk sharing and hot desking are revolutionary concepts in the modern working world that allow you to use workstations flexibly. They are particularly useful in dynamic office environments that focus on agility, collaboration and efficiency.

Flexibility and adaptability thanks to desk sharing

A key advantage of desk sharing and hot desking is the significantly increased flexibility. You are no longer tied to a fixed workstation, but have the option of choosing your workstation according to your task and personal preferences. For example, if you are working on a project that requires more concentration, you could opt for a quiet workstation.

ZEUS® T&A for flexibility

The effective implementation of desk sharing and hot desking requires the right technology. Digital solutions can help manage desk booking like with ZEUS® Time & Attendance by ISGUS. For example, a software solution that provides real-time information while working from home or while clocking in from the desk at the office.