Data-driven Workforce Planning

The correct and efficient planning of personnel occupies companies in many industries. There are many different factors to consider, which increase the complexity of any workforce planning. The goal is to be able to work with maximum efficiency, meet delivery deadlines and drive employee development. Talent shortfalls due to incorrect planning should be avoided. ISGUS solutions can help you do this quickly and easily. 

Data-driven workforce planning is a promising approach to achieve all development goals and ensure maximum efficiency. In doing so, the currently pending tasks, personnel availability, available resources as well as the respective qualifications can be included. This data basis creates transparency and facilitates adjustments should something not go according to plan. 

TAM Time & Attendance provides the necessary time data to easily keep track of all employee balances. Absenteeism planning can also be viewed and taken into account in this way, so that upcoming shifts can be planned with TAM Staff Scheduling. In combination with TAM Production Data Capture and the possible reports, conclusions can also be drawn about previous planning, which can then be adjusted as required.

Despite accurate planning, you do not have to sacrifice flexibility. If the order situation changes or an employee is absent at short notice, you will immediately have a suitable alternative at hand with the ISGUS software solution. Employees and supervisors are completely involved in these processes, so that any requests can be easily implemented. Let us advise you individually.