Data protection in the public sector? ISGUS Cloud solution!

An increasingly digital service is to be available at the offices in the future. An efficient network infrastructure is the basis for this. Ideally, citizens should be able to access services easily and conveniently via a modern platform. It is important to note that the faster and more digital services are used, the more data traffic will increase. Network management is regularly outsourced to the cloud, because cloud-based management offers considerable advantages over traditional network management.

Data protection in the ISGUS Cloud – Your benefits:

Your ZEUS® application and database solution is available 24/7, with no exceptions. We also comply with legal security in accordance with GDPR regulations on data protection and data security. Extend and enhance your ZEUS® Software as a Service at any time with the following complementary modules like ZEUS® Time & Attendance, ZEUS® Access Control, ZEUS® Staff Scheduling and ZEUS® Production Data Capture.