Digital Shift Swap for flexible Staff Scheduling

In the quest for flexible working hours to optimally integrate employee preferences into business planning, short-term absences frequently pose a challengePlanners or supervisors must respond at short notice to find a suitable replacement to meet delivery performance or customer satisfaction goals. But how can employees be optimally reached now, or how can absent employees possibly search for substitutes on their own? 

ISGUS Staff Scheduling not only supports you in optimal planning for upcoming shifts, but also offers practical options to compensate for staff absences. There are two ways to do this. Employees who are absent can, if they know about the absence in good time, offer to swap shifts for their colleagues and thus look for replacements among themselves. They can then submit this digitally to their supervisor, who only has to click on confirm. 

In addition, in the event of a last-minute outage, planners have the option of simply contacting all eligible substitutes digitally to offer them the free shift. They can be reached directly via the various media and thus agree to the swap.