Digital Time and Attendance in the Retail Industry

The corona pandemic still has a strong impact on businesses in America. Weather most stores can continue to keep their doors open, especially in the retail, there are strict rules to secure the health of employees. Social distancing and mask wearing while working are important measures, nevertheless all employees would have to punch IN and OUT or submit their requests at a terminal, which involves unnecessary risks with biometrics and touchscreens. With the mobile solution from ISGUS there is no need any more to punch at the same terminal, because all employees can do punches via their smartphones.

A modern and contact free solution for Time and Attendance and therefore an alternative to touching time clocks or POS screens, ISGUS allows employees to punch via smartphone app. To make sure that employees are just allowed to punch at their workplace, our application comes with an added feature of GPS tracking for location based punches. Even with multiple locations, you can ensure that all employees are in the right place at the right time. Thanks to the viewing of employee schedules and requests for time off, we ensure you a quick and easy Staff Scheduling, even via mobile phone. A forgotten punch is also no problem with our system. Employees can simply add their punch in the system and submit the request approval directly to their supervisor by confirming it. Additionally, the presence indicator board displays who’s in and who’s out on a real time up to the minute basis and helps managers make sure proper customer service requirements are being met.


The workforce management from ISGUS makes your time management digitally. Weather punches, queries or requests, everything can be submitted and edited online. This not only makes retail business processes more secure, but also more efficient. Employees are directly integrated into the HR processes and can act independently and flexibly.