Digitisation of Time Management

The integrated ISGUS solution for working time management, Staff Planning and Plant Data Collection is a milestone for your way to becoming a digital factory. A future-oriented time management is much more than the collection and calculation of working times and absences with an interface to payroll.

In addition to their technology and system architecture, modern systems are characterised by the fact that all repetitive tasks are automated via individual workflows, based on employee-self-service. Results from the recording lead directly to concrete processes, information and measures.

Until now, a large number of evaluations had to be printed out and processed for assessment tasks only. With ZEUS® they are no longer necessary because the software actively informs as soon as certain settings, balances, remaining holidays, or other conditions are reached. The degree of automation in the human resources department will be significantly increased.

Staff Planning ensures to meet the need for qualified personnel per shift, workplace or machine, depending on workload and order situation, and that losses of personnel can be filled quickly.

Shift swapping among employees occurs regularly in practice and is possible at any time with the shift exchange portal. Shift swapping of course adheres the requirements for minimum staffing and qualifications. In addition, it is very transparent and can be done without any central intervention.

At the same time, ZEUS® Plant Data Collection (PDC) records working times, processing times as well as good and rejected quantities per order and operation. These data are automatically reported to your ERP solution.

ZEUS® PDC calculates busy time, downtime, throughput time, productivity, effectiveness, OEE index and a variety of other production metrics. This enables the analysis of different production areas on the basis of objective parameters.