Effectiveness of remote working

The effectiveness of remote workers depends on many factors. One important aspect is the trust placed in the employees, especially when the work performance cannot be monitored or can only be monitored with difficulty. Often, actual performance is only apparent after months, which can then confirm the trust placed in them. Beyond that, however, other factors are crucial for effectiveness. 

The workplace has a major impact on the quality of work. Especially when working for several hours, it is important to be able to work at an appropriate chair and table, and ideally to be able to switch between standing and sitting. The hardware also plays a role that should not be underestimated. If, for example, you are used to two large external monitors in the office and only work remotely with a laptop screen, you will work more inefficiently. 

Finally, the necessary software also represents a hurdle for companies. In addition to the daily tasks that employees have to perform due to their position, it is especially the internal processes that suffer from location-independent working. This does not have to be the case! Take your workforce management with you wherever you go with solutions from ISGUS. Book your working hours as usual when you start, pause or finish work - without any rework. Stay informed about your hours overview even when you're on the road and coordinate your absences with colleagues or supervisors. Increase the effectiveness of your remote workers thanks to the automatic workflows and intuitive interface.

All TAM Workforce Management modules complement each other perfectly to form a comprehensive system that can be used to map all time and personnel management processes. No matter when or where you are active.