Effects of new working time models on employees

The world of work has been undergoing a fundamental and structural change for some years now. The term “new world of work” is on everyone’s lips. New work is one of the buzzwords, along with work 4.0, digital transformation and work-life balance, that has gained considerable importance in the recent past.

Employees are the most important capital for companies. In particular, qualified, committed and performance-motivated employees can ensure the future success of the company. New work is now the means by which people can realistically see themselves as free individuals. Home office, flexible working hours, as well as a free allocation of working time, are now amongst the most demanded expectations required from an employer.

With the help of ISGUS’ TAM Time and Attendance system you can document the hours worked by employees without errors and create flexible working time models to take into account the needs of employees. TAM always manage your working time models in accordance with service agreement and collective bargaining agreements. To ensure that employees are managed correctly, TAM Time and Attendance is ideally complemented by TAM Staff Scheduling. Thanks to the optimal interaction between TAM Time and Attendance and TAM Staff Scheduling, you can enable employees to streamline their private and professional life easily, which in turn provides a huge source of motivation.

New working models such as New Work require very good organisation and coordination. On the other hand, the demands on the employer also increase. With the help of ISGUS’ Workforce Management, these can be successfully implemented.