Efficient Time Recording on a Construction Site

Time recording on the construction site is a challenge. However, it is the decisive basis for calculations, personnel deployment planning and invoicing. With ISGUS, your employees record working time on site, easily and to the second. With the ISGUS Time and Attendance system, your employees record their working time directly on site via a time recording app on their smartphone. This provides you with an efficient solution for the seamless recording of working hours

A frequent problem with mobile bookings on the construction site is the lack of a network connection. With ZEUS® mobile, all functions are available to you even without internet and bookings are synchronised with the next connection. This makes the mobile app a real added value for your construction company

The team bookings are particularly useful. Here, IN/OUT punches can be made not only for individual persons, but directly for the entire team. If the work starts at the same time on the construction site, this makes clocking in much easier. The project manager or a certain employee can quickly mark all colleagues present and make the corresponding team booking. You can see the recorded time at any time and on any device.