Employee Absence Time Off Tracking in the manufacturing sector

In manufacturingStaff Scheduling and Time & Attendance are seamlessly supplemented. Only if both are working correct, a production line can run efficiently and profitably. Especially, in current times, where employees are absent at a short notice, because they need to look after their children or are in quarantine, the flexibility of the solution is on top priority. The ISGUS software offer you a digital workorce management system that ideally combines this and makes it accessible to employees from anywhere. 

This offer you top absence and leave management capabilities. Our system is flexible, efficient and configurable to the individual needs of your organization. Accrued hours can be distributed dynamically or can be assigned as a lump sum in accordance with your company policies. The accrued hours are displayed to the employees in the ratio of the hours worked to the regular working time. The ISGUS software is also available for employee requests at any time. Whether it is requested through the ISGUS App or by calling in.

Track time off balances, review usage history, and run time off reports with our user-friendly interface. Time off tracking features are crafted to allow for maximum flexibility. You'll be able to set up each user's accrual type and schedule exactly the way you want. We can allocate accruals by hours worked or according to a preset schedule. You can also set roll over values or define use-it-or-lose it rules.