Employee Time Management Reporting

Time Management is an integral part of today's business life. We live in a flexible working world, working at different times and different locations. Nevertheless, it is important for companies and managers to keep an eye on costs and efficiency.

Organizations can't manage labor costs without proper and flexible reporting analysis. These are important to support a more efficient and cost-optimized work. Providing critical management reports at the right time to front line decision making supervisors is critical to the profit and loss of organizations. 

With the TimeAttendanceManager Custom Report Generator we offer you endless possibilities. Real time reporting, as well as prescheduled e-mailing of reports ensures that labor hour trends or absence time taken can be reviewed when needed. Reports are available on our terminals, online via web or mobile via smartphones which ensures you to intervene whenever needed and whereever you are.

Next to recording and reporting of labor hours, these can be exported to 3rd payroll processing providers, accounting and HR solutions to further enhance a comprehensive view on your organisations labor costs via departments and cost centers