Extend your Existing Report Layouts

In addition to recording the hours worked and process-relevant data, the creation of reports and analyses is an important tool. This allows trends to be identified at an early stage and appropriate measures to be taken. This increases productivity and efficiency. Long-term developments can also be analyzed and evaluated accordingly. However, since evaluation requirements can be very individual and company-specific, our Report Designer supports you.

The Report Designer based on “devexpress” has been embedded into the workspace “Reports and analysis”. This new functionality enables the user to process and extent existing report layouts. Furthermore, it allows for data binding.

For each report, a print preview can be created at any time. Additionally, the Report Designer offers various output formats (e.g., xlsx, html, pdf etc.) for reports to be exported.

In fact, the Report Designer offers several advantages compared to the general way of creating reports:

  • a JavaScript/HTML5 engine that provides a highly responsive user interface for in-browser reporting
  • an integrated Property Grid
  • a Quick Access panel for editing commonly used options
  • a Data Explorer and Parameter fields
  • a rich set of report controls

For performance reasons, you should preferably use the “Google Chrome” browser when working with the ISGUS Report Designer.