Face Recognition even after the pandemic

While contacts and common touches had to be prevented everywhere, the demand for contactless terminals for recording working hours increased drastically. With the extension of the ISGUS IT 8210 terminal with the possibility of face recognition, we offer you the optimal implementation. Thus, unlike the well-known fingerprint terminal, employees do not have a contact surface that has to be touched by everyone and hygiene can be increased as a result. 

But the IT 8210 FR also offers a number of advantages that you can benefit from. It enables your employees to record their working times quickly and securely without having to carry a badge or transponder with them. Thus, nothing can be forgotten, which also prevents the corresponding rework. In addition to time recording, you also have access to the other terminal functions, which can be used, for example, to submit an absenteeism request. 

Last but not least, the use of biometric facial data prevents buddy punching, which is considered a major problem in many companies. Colleagues cannot pass on ID cards to each other, so that bookings can be made for them, even if they are not personally present on site. Let us advise you individually.