Get to know the solutions from ISGUS

The solutions and modules around Workforce Management from ISGUS are versatile and often not all relevant for the individual user. Nevertheless, there are often applications or functions that you are not yet familiar with, but from which your company can benefit enormously. We have summarized the highlights of the ISGUS solution in our video clips to provide you with a quick and easy overview of the benefits in use. 

Are you already using the functional workflows of ISGUS? Have you already discovered the possibilities of multimedia use? Where can you possibly still gain efficiency

ISGUS Workforce Management is modular and can be extended as desired to include Time and Attendance, Access Control, Staff Scheduling or Production Data Capture. You can not only use the ISGUS software at the permanently installed terminals, but also access the system easily and comfortably from home via PC or mobile via smartphone. Also the various individualization options are shown in our videos, whereby e.g. reports can be easily personalized. 

Work as efficiently as possible! Start now with our video clips.