How buddy punching can impact businesses and employees » Time and Attendance by ISGUS

What is buddy punching?

Buddy punching is when one employee asks another to clock in to work for them, making it seem as if they are actively working when they aren’t. This typically happens when an employee is running late for work at the beginning of their shift as an e.g. Ultimately, buddy punching is theft from the company because an employee is getting paid while they are on the clock, yet is not at work for it.

How buddy punching can impact businesses and employees

Many industriesmeasure employee productivity by the hours they spend at work compared to the work they generate. With buddy punching, you won’t have an accurate depiction of how productive an employee or an entire team is because the numbers show more time on the clock than may be true. The employees performing buddy punching are committing company fraud, and you are paying an employee for more time than they are working causing unnecessary increases in payroll costs. If there’s buddy punching happening in your workplace, you’re likely dealing with employees who have low engagement, which means negativ impact on your business

Software and tools from ISGUS for clocking in and out

With ISGUS and its Time and Attendance solution, buddy puching can be prevented. With ZEUS® Time and Attendance from ISGUS, you enable your employees to record their working hours objectively and reliably. In addition, the ZEUS® mobile app allows for location-independent bookings for time recording. The optimal use of ZEUS®, also in connection with our ZEUS® mobile app, creates transparency and thus makes working time fraud impossible.