Hybrid Working – React to changing circumstances

Many employers appreciate working on-site in the office, as this makes interaction with colleagues seem much easier. However, when certain circumstances change, hybrid working models can maintain the regular workload while fixed structures would result in a breakdown. Possible examples include caring for children or elderly relatives, illness, or visiting tradesmen who need to be let in. Hybrid work offers employers and employees the flexibility they need to respond to changing circumstances at short notice

To ensure that transparency and overview are not lost in the process, ISGUS Workforce Management offers options for mapping flexible working time models with hybrid work. Create individual working time models for individual employees or entire employee groups and record the working times via the various media exactly where you are. Stationary via the ISGUS terminals, flexible via the web-based PC application or mobile via the ISGUS app, the appropriate booking options are available to you at every location. All data is immediately stored in the system and provides colleagues and supervisors with an overview of current availability.

You too can benefit from hybrid working with ISGUS and let new challenges come your way in a relaxed manner!