Hybrid working still on the rise?

Hybrid working is the new normal. McKinsey predicts nine out of ten organizations will be combining remote and on-site working in the coming years. A survey conducted by ZipRecruiter finds job seekers said they would take a 14 % pay cut to work remotely.

As hybrid working becomes the permanent way of working, HR and business leaders need to set clear principles for success, rather than mandate policies.

First, start with defining what hybrid means in the organization. It is a lot more complicated than the number of days one works remote or in the office.

Before an employee starts to work in a hybrid model, the worker and team leader need to agree on guidelines to ensure inclusivity by defining the workspaces where work will happen, the technology tools needed, the team norms, core collaboration hours, and rituals for success.

To kick off a conversation about hybrid working start by discussing how employees can balance their well-being, engagement, and productivity.

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