Importance of providing time off » ZEUS® shows how to deal with it

Last-minute time off requests can disrupt your business, but approving them can make your employees feel more valued. We explain ways you can approach unexpected time off requests that protect your business and keep your employees happy. Deciding what to do when an employee requests time off on short notice can be tricky. You don’t want to deny the request—time away from work is essential to employees’ happiness. However, you also know that approving a sudden time off request for that employee means you must scramble to cover work.

With our ZEUS® mobile App, your employees have full control. You can spontaneously create requests for workflow corrections, absences and business trips on your smartphone, which you can also approve digitally. You always have access to important information on planned staff deployment and current attendance in your area of responsibility. Employees themselves can also offer their early, normal or late shifts to all colleagues for swapping if necessary. Employees who interactively accept the offer are automatically suggested to the planner as a replacement. The planner approves the shift swap or rejects it with reasons.

Give your employees the flexibility they need and we will lead you to business success!