Increase productivity with individual reports

A core component of workforce management is the recording of working hours in order to ensure transparency and efficiency. However, the mere recording of working hours is of no further help, as the individual time data is difficult and cumbersome to compare. Reports and analyses are therefore the key to assessing the hours worked by individual employees and departments

With the ISGUS solution, you can create these reports at any time to obtain an up-to-date overview. Several options are available for this purpose. Our standard reports can be called up directly by the relevant personnel managers and provide minute-by-minute insights. Time card reports, totals reports or diary reports are particularly frequently requested by our service technicians. 

With the help of the report designerreports can also be individually customized and, for example, provided with your company logo. The almost unlimited possibilities increase your productivity, as you have the necessary evaluations at hand when you need them to achieve your goals in terms of customer satisfaction or delivery reliability