Increase productivity with ZEUS®

Many solution providers are currently struggling with a strain on their earnings situation. Rising prices for raw materials, intermediate products, energy and wages are currently burdening the cost position of many companies. Furthermore, there is increasing uncertainty about future market developments. Fluctuations in raw material prices can have a direct impact on production costs and lead to sharply increased costs for companies.

Cost structure under control

With ISGUS, you can save on your costs both when using the terminal and when using our ZEUS® application. Countless energy consumers are connected to the power grid in an office building or in production facilities. From coffee machines to large machinery, valuable electricity flows permanently. Many devices are only used temporarily and yet the electricity meters run at full speed. If all these devices were put into sleep mode, a lot of energy could be saved. ISGUS has realised this idea and equipped its time recording terminals with an energy-saving function. This function is called GREEN IT. It saves a whopping 50% of the energy consumption.