Integrated Workforce Management Tools for your HR Department

Employees in HR or Payroll often face the problem that the use of several different systems that do not communicate with each other leads to cumbersome and inefficient processes. Even if experiments and trials are carried out within the scope of the possibilities, the result is often not satisfactory and the susceptibility to errors increases. Especially when systems have to react to flexible changes in addition to the classic processes, limits are often reached.

Even if the processes have become established in the meantime, the process is more of a workaround instead of a fluid workflowIntegrated workforce management tools enable you to achieve your goals for efficiency, compliance and employee satisfaction. In addition, you avoid common problems such as inaccurate data that can occur due to errors in transcription and directly impact subsequent processes such as report generation or, in the worst case, directly impact employee salary. If critical details are lost, these small errors can lead to major inconveniences that are a real time-suck for HR professionals. This leads to double or triple the effort, which could be avoided for all parties involved. Furthermore, in addition to the additional internal effort, it can also result in violations of labor laws or protective laws that lead to large fines. 

Offer your employees a better alternative with Workforce Management from ISGUS to establish routines and maximize the user experience. With Time and Attendance, the system not only provides accurate recording of working hours, but also reliably communicates with third-party systems to ensure secure and efficient data exchange. Even short-term adjustments to existing duty rosters or regular daily operations can be mapped in a legally compliant manner without incurring additional expense.